Pinchbeck’s Rose Farm – Guilford, Connecticut

Visit Pinchbeck’s Rose Farm in Guilford, CT. On your next visit to the New Haven area, plan to visit Pinchbeck’s Rose Farm in Guilford, CT. This incredible Farm is renowned for delivering exquisite roses that don’t just arrive, but “perform” in the home. After a visit to Pinchbeck’s Rose Farm, you’ll understand why such distinguished clients as Joan Crawford and Barbara Bush love Pinchbeck’s roses.

Pinchbeck’s Rose Farm has been growing roses since 1929. This is when William Pinchbeck, Jr. set out to find a suitable piece of land where he could establish a rose farm that would thrive. It’s easy to see why he chose this location: the climate is ideal for rose growing, the land is flat, and both the New York and Boston markets were accessible by railroad.

William Pinchbeck, Jr. was the Great-Grandfather of the present-day operator of Pinchbeck’s Rose Farm, but his first incredible greenhouse is still in use today. The gigantic single span greenhouse he built is 1,200 feet long by 81 feet wide. William Jr. used iron framing to build what is still the largest greenhouse of its kind in the world.

A second greenhouse was added to the Pinchbeck’s Rose Farm property in 1936. This greenhouse is 600 feet long by 81 feet wide. Although smaller than the first greenhouse built by William Jr., the second is also incredibly large and impressive.

The two greenhouses at Pinchbeck’s Rose Farm hold an astounding 90,000 rose bushes! These rose bushes produce 3 million blooms each year. In the seventy years Pinchbeck’s Rose Farm has been operating, it has produced more than 200 million blooms.

When you see the incredible array and number of roses at Pinchbeck’s Rose Farm, you understand why their deliveries are so spectacular. With so many roses to choose from, Pinchbeck’s can select roses that are at their peak. Roses from Pinchbeck’s Rose Farm arrive budded and ready to unfold in gorgeous blooms over the course of a week. Hence, the saying that Pinchbeck’s roses “perform” rather than arrive.

As you will discover on your visit to Pinchbeck’s Rose Farm, not only do they grow beautiful roses here, they do so in an environmentally friendly way. Pinchbeck’s Rose Farm has been heating their greenhouses with recycled wood since 1978. They also use steam from their boilers to produce electricity.

Pinchbeck’s Rose Farm is located in the greater New Haven area at 929 Boston Post Road in Guilford, CT.

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929 Boston Post Rd.
Guilford, CT 06437